Changing how we PLAY so, we can change how we LIVE

About Us

We believe black lives matter.

We believe in INCLUSIVITY.
We believe financial literacy is vital to building a legacy.
We believe career choices and awareness matters.

We believe active diversity makes a difference.
We believe we WILL close the racial wealth gap.
We believe that we must leave a legacy for the next generation.

Legacy! Card Game became a reality because of 127 Diverse Kickstarter Supporters—and I want to thank God and each of these supporters who made this possible.


The LEGACY! Founder

Ruby L. Taylor, M.S.W. is the youngest of eight, born and raised in The Bronx, NY. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her wife Dr. Sheila Graham and 2 kids. Ruby is a double HBCU alum (Howard University and Virginia Union University). She is a traumatic brain injury survivor, driven to make our world more equal, joyful, and just.

In her own words…

“As a Black woman, I grew up worrying about money. If my dad lost his job, what would happen to us and our home? Family members relied on my parents for help, but I knew we had nobody to help us if we needed it.”

When it came time to take out student loans, I had nobody to guide me. I had no understanding of compounding interest rate or what it meant to sign a loan because my family didn’t have the financial education to  teach me what I needed to know. Later, as a school social worker, I watched my students choose their career paths. However, when the careers in your community keep you near or below the poverty line, you’ll never know you need to dream of or work for something more.

That’s why I’ve created LEGACY, an interactive game that teaches families how career and financial choices impact wealth, longevity and their legacy, lessons that I wish every family had access to.

We successfully blew past our Kickstarter Goal because of our amazing 127 Supporters. We greatly appreciate their support. THANK YOU!

LEGACY! is a Black Owned Business. Created by Ruby L. Taylor, M.S.W., a double HBCU alumna (Howard University and VUU). We are creating a world where Black families can build generational wealth.